Why File A Maryland Workers Compensation Claim

why file a maryland workers compensation claim

Why file a Maryland workers compensation claim is one of the most common concerns after sustaining an on the job injury in MD. The simple answer regarding ‘why file a Maryland worker compensation claim’ is to make sure you get everything you deserve from your work-related injury. That includes medical treatment, medical expenses, temporary total benefits (off-work money), permanency benefits at the end of your claim and numerous other reasons that are vital to you receiving everything you deserve after being injured at work.

The not so simple answer is the insurance companies know the law. They also know what they can get
away with if you fail to file a workers’ compensation claim form. The form is known as an Electronic C1
form if doing it online. You have 2 years from the date of accident to file a C1 form. If you do not do it
within that time period, no comp claim can be filed. You are barred from receiving anything after that
period. Thus, all your rights depend on that form being completed as quickly as possible. Why be stuck
with medical bills that occurred at work? If you are off work because of your work-related injury why is
your sick time and vacation time being used instead of Workers’ Comp benefits? This is very common
practice in the world of Workers Compensation. If you are represented, we can fight for your rights to
get your time back or in the alternative getting additional monetary benefits for you!

After filing your claim, they cannot bar you from a Maryland Workers’ Compensation claim per MD workers’ comp laws! However,
they can always contest the claim either on a basis of causal relationship or a dispute of the accidental
injury or occupational disease. That is just one of the ways the insurance companies can go after the
Claimant injured at work. There are many others which is why hiring an attorney is just as important as
filing a form. Without proper legal counsel you are flying blind in the world of Maryland Workers’
Compensation. All of this can be discussed with me, Maryland Workers’ Comp Attorney Marc Hassan at Bowers, Hassan & Herndon (667)
220-6500. Always a free consultation. No out-of-pocket expenses. We don’t receive any attorney fees
unless we go to hearing for compensation or permanency or settlement! We travel the entire state of
Maryland for your Workers’ Compensation claim. With offices in Elkton, Aberdeen and Baltimore we
are available to meet in person. We also do free Zoom consultations as well! Do yourself a favor and
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